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Pickup of hamster oocyte by oviduct
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Lycopodium spores being picked up by currents above hamster oviductal cilia. These spores are small particles that do not adhere to the oviduct. They move over the surface of the oviduct in the current created by the cilia.
Stained oocyte cumulus complex traveling over the surface of a hamster oviduct. This oocyte cumulus complex adheres to the surface of the oviduct and becomes stretched out as the beating cilia pull it over the surface towards the ostium. When it reaches the ostium, it turns the corner and enters.
Birds eye view of the opening of the oviduct showing entry of a stained oocyte cumulus complex. The oocyte undergoes “churning” as it enters the oviduct and the oocyte become displaced to the side of the complex.
High magnification video showing movement of an oocyte cumulus complex into the opening of the oviduct. Cilia can be seen beating at the edge of the opening to the oviduct. The oocyte cumulus complex rides on the surface of the beating cilia, which drag it into the oviduct.
Video showing the importance of adhesion in transfer of the oocyte cumulus complex into the opening of the oviduct. During normal pickup of the oocyte cumulus complex by the oviduct, the matrix of the complex adheres to the tips of the cilia. This adhesion is vital for pickup. In this movie the oocyte cumulus complex had previously been picked up and compressed by the ostium of the oviduct. Compression of the matrix compromises the adhesion of the oocyte cumulus complex to the cilia. This oocyte cumulus complex adheres well enough to travel along the edge of the oviduct but does not adhere well enough to turn the corner and enter the opening of the oviduct.
Pair of movies showing the effect of cigarette smoke on oocyte cumulus complex pickup by the oviduct. The oviduct on the left was exposed to sidestream smoke, while the one on the right was incubated in a control medium. Both videos represent ten seconds of recording and show that smoke treatment retards oocyte cumulus complex pickup.

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